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DJ Zac Barr

Wedding DJ in Upstate NY, Albany, Saratoga, Troy, Schenectady, Clifton Park!


  • Eagle Crest Golf Club
    Eagle Crest Golf Club
  • Carousel Ballrooms at Sterrup Square
    Carousel Ballrooms at Sterrup Square
  • Gideon Putnam Resort
    Gideon Putnam Resort
  • Beardslee Castle
    Beardslee Castle
  • The Queensbury Hotel
    The Queensbury Hotel
  • Saratoga-Wilton Elks
    Saratoga-Wilton Elks
  • Colonie Country Club
    Colonie Country Club
  • Ceremony Chapel at the Silver Bay YMCA
    Ceremony Chapel at the Silver Bay YMCA
  • Saratoga-Wilton Elks
    Saratoga-Wilton Elks
  • Fort William Henry Resort and Conference Center
    Fort William Henry Resort and Conference Center
  • Key Hall at Proctor's
    Key Hall at Proctor's
  • Mohawk River Country Club
    Mohawk River Country Club
  • Century House Restaurant and Hotel
    Century House Restaurant and Hotel
  • Fairways of Halfmoon
    Fairways of Halfmoon
  • Tent Wedding - Greenwich, NY
    Tent Wedding - Greenwich, NY
  • Franklin Terrace, Troy, NY
    Franklin Terrace, Troy, NY
  • Fuller Road Fire Hall
    Fuller Road Fire Hall
Eagle Crest Golf Club
Eagle Crest Golf Club

The Speaker System


For sound re-creation, NOTHING compares to the BOSE L1 System.

The first thing you'll notice is that the BOSE L1 looks like no other speaker system on the market today.  The L1 is almost elegant in its simplicity, detracting nothing from your carefully decorated Reception Hall.

What you'll notice next about the BOSE L1 speaker system is that it offers 100% clarity, and complete room coverage, with no hot spots, dead spots, or echo all without being too loud.

All you'll hear is clear, true sound at lower volume than that required by conventional speaker systems.             

For Ceremonies
The Bose L1 Compact allows unparalleled flexibility when planning your ceremony.  This unique sound system allows me to set up even when no electricity is present so you can get married anywhere your heart desires, even lakeside or on a mountaintop...  The choice is now yours!  This is how DJ Zac Barr remains your Entertainment Solution, no matter where you get married!

Computer-based MP3 Music Playback

 All my music is MP3 based, which is played through professional Rockit Pro DJ software.  Dual laptops provide the processing power to find songs in seconds, not minutes, as well as providing on-the-spot back-up for your special moments!

All of my music is either legally purchased in CD format and ripped at 320 kbps, or downloaded from a paid download service such as for the best possible high quality sound reproduction.  I will NEVER download music from a questionable or illegal internet source.  I feel very strongly that all artists deserve to be compensated for their work.

Media Controller

 The Denon DN-2500 provides me the "hands-on"control that I'm used to getting from the CD players that I used for so many years.  It also provides a 40-gig internal HDD to provide an "extra" level of back-up for your event, so that the music never has to stop!



Mixing is processed by means of a Numark CM-100 Professional DJ Mixer. This mixer, along with the BOSE L1 sound system, allows me to tailor the sound to the event location, so that every event sounds like a concert hall.

Vocal Reproduction/Mics

ElectroVoice RE2-N7 UHF wireless handheld and lavelier mics and ElectroVoice hardwired mics.