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LGE-LGSVR Farewell

To all of the folks who have been such good friends to me through the years at Lake George Escape and Lake George/Schroon Valley Resort, it is with great sadness that I announce the end of my working relationship with these two campgrounds.

The management of these two camps chose to dishonor our contract for my performance at Lake George/Schroon Valley Resort on September 27, 2008, and refused to pay my agreed upon fee as contracted. As I cannot work with any client who does not stand behind their word, I have been forced to make the decision to sever all professional ties with these campgrounds, and their parent corporation, ELS.

I thank all of the fine staff members who have made the last 12 years with Lake George Escape, and the last 6 years with Lake George/Schroon Valley Resort so much fun. I also thank all of the campers at these two locations for taking me onto their “families” if only for a couple of hours at a time.

Please feel free to visit my ”Appearances” page to see where I WILL be performing in the 2009 camping season. I look forward to seeing my friends from Lake George Escape and Lake George/Schroon Valley Resort at any of these other fine campgrounds. I guarantee that you will find my current campground clients to be great places to spend a night, a weekend, or even a season, with people who stand behind their word, and always deliver as promised!

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