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Why Hire DJ Zac Barr?

DJ Zac Barr, Grandkids, Saratoga County Fair

Why should you hire DJ Zac Barr? Well, aside from all the other reasons offered elsewhere on this website, when you hire me, you help me spoil these amazing kids... She's my first grand-daughter and her name is Audrina; he is my first grand-son, Evan.  Following closely behind are my grand-daughters Arianna and Mira, and just joining us this past November, my grand-son, Jameson!  Little Sophia joined us the day before Vaentine's day, this year!

Audrina is ten now, in fifth grade, enjoys learning ballet and gymnastics and is at that stage where she has to know the reason for EVERYTHING, so I've got to be on my best behavior all the time, LOL!


Evan recently turned six-years-old, loves football and running around and has a smile and laugh that can just light up a room! (Especially when he runs up to me with his hands up saying "Pop-pop!!")

Now Arianna, she's already four, and is in year two of Pre-K, which she loves!

Mira, just turned three, always has smiles and giggles for Pop-pop when she sees me, and has enough "sass" for the entire group combined!!


As for Jameson, at , he's busy eating, sleeping and pooping, and doesn't seem to have time for much of anything else!

Sophia, well, what is there to say except that her smile melts my heart and is the spitting image of her Mom, both in looks and attitude!

Audrina, Evan, Arianna, Mira, Jameson and Sophia thank you in advance for partnering with their "Pop-pop" for YOUR special celebration., and for helping me spoil them!! 

This is Evan and his Mom (my beautiful daughter, Ashley). As you can see, advertising for Evan's Pop-pop runs in the family!

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