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Custom Edited Songs

Imagine that you are about to walk down the aisle.  

Your Father takes your arm, your partner waits at the other end of your short, yet long journey.  

The music begins to play ever so softly, then YOUR voice comes through the speakers, telling your future-spouse exactly how you feel as you begin walking towards them...  

The moment is spell-binding.

It's always a pleasure and an honor to work with you to create that special moment that creates a memory which lasts a lifetime.  Whether it's a special message to your new Spouse, your parents or even a parent to his or her child, my joy is to make your Celebration unlike anyone else's!

Sometimes, I'm even there to help a Matron of Honor give the Bride EXACTLY the Toast that she (the Bride) requested a year earlier...  (THIS one was FUN!)

Let's take a few minutes to chat about creating a moment (or two) that will make your Celebration of Love stand apart from all the others!  (You deserve this!!)

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