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Same-Sex Weddings

Itis my firm belief that ALL people deserve the right to share their lives together, and to be legally wed regardless of race, creed or sexual orientation. That is why I am proud to support the LGBTQ+ community and offer DJ services for ALL people!

Please contact me for more info about how we can work together to make YOUR Celebration of Love something spectacular! From your ceremony to Introductions to your formalities, your Wedding Celebration will reflect your tastes, desires and dreams.

I'm always intrigued by colleagues who talk about having to do this or that thing differently at a same-sex Wedding. 

As far as I see it, when two people are in love, and decide to commit their lives to one another, it is no different than any other Celebration of Love that I help create (except, well, maybe I won't refer to the new couple as "Mr. and Mrs."!)

Let's sit down and talk about creating the perfect day for the two of YOU!

5 Star Review for DJ Zac Barr
5 Star Review for DJ Zac Barr
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